By using a Light Emitting Diode (LED), the LED-lit, translucent membrane has now created a beautiful, illuminated “softbox” as compared to the traditional photo booths, which are permanent fixtures.  This is not your typical photo booth. Our Color Cube offers a uniquely contemporary experience that adds an extra level of excitement.  Many photographers would call this the ultimate picture-taking environment. So go ahead and step right into our Color Cube. You can use the iTouch remote color wheel to choose your preferred environment color. Yes, you get to set the mood! Other options include black and white or Instagram-like filters. You now have become the photographer in control of your own booth and your own digital photos!

In the end, it’s not the flashy technology or bright lights that makes us special. It is the user experience! We want to capture that in a cube (booth) for you. We hope you lend us your trust.


To say that we care is an understatement. We want you and your guests to be blown away. (Yes, that was an inflatable “booth” pun.) Whatever it takes, we will go the extra mile to fulfill your needs.  From venue planning to personalized themes and templates, we understand that this is your day and your time.  At Tilde, we know that you will entrust us with your next event. Your experience will be simple, enjoyable and most of all, a success.


Our package covers four hours of rental service for one price.  We will arrive 1hr earlier to assemble and another hour after the event to disassemble and clean up (approx. 6hrs total). We also provide a knowledgeable on-site attendant throughout the whole event to answer questions, provide props and make sure everything runs smoothly.  There will be no hidden fees, up-sells or confusing add-ons. This is a guarantee. Of course, if you wish, we can continue the party for an additional fee. We’ll also be pleased to demonstrate how our Color Cube Photo Booth operates prior to your next event date. Prices fluctuate depending on weekday, weekend and seasonal availability.  Go ahead and take a moment to call us now.  We will do our best to offer you the best rate for your next event date.

Military, educational, non-profit, and repeat customer discounts available.

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